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june 8 2024

juin génératif

This event marks a new component for the EISODE gallery – centered on meetings and discussions around generative principles as drivers of creation. In a friendly, informal setting, we wish to encourage exchanges both between guest specialists and members of the public.


For this first edition, Fortner Anderson will launch the video version of Reiterations, an artwork of generative poetry implemented in the form of a self-writing electronic book. Alexandre Burton [digital instrument maker] will then present the software created for the Néons project by mortefontaine [Jimmy Lakatos + Anne-Marie Boisvert], an installation articulated by the superposition of generative behaviors. A discussion will follow between Alexandre Burton and Pía Baltazar [intermedia composer] on the contribution of the generative in the creative processes.


The event will begin at 1 pm with a performance by Fortner Anderson and continue until 4 pm. From 4 pm, the Néons installation-performance will be accessible to small groups, as well as an ad hoc installation of Anderson's videos.


An aperitif will take place from 4 pm.


1 pm → performance by Fortner Anderson

1:15 pm → interview with Fortner Anderson

2 pm → conference by Alexandre Burton [Néons software]

3 pm → discussion between Alexandre Burton and Pía Baltazar [generative art]

4 to 7 pm → performance-installation Néons + video installation Reiterations + aperitif

6F63B1C4-37CF-47E1-83A9-A9076B679082 copie_edited.jpg
6F63B1C4-37CF-47E1-83A9-A9076B679082 copie_edited.jpg
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