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EISODE is a word invented by Michael Faraday, electromagnetism scientist, that indicates the “gate by which the power comes in”. ◇ ←


EISODE offers a context suited for the experience of installations that incorporate elements of dynamic generative art. These artworks are connected to technologies as they are based on algorithmic writing systems that unfold over time. ← ◇ → 


EISODE hosts installations that require increased and meticulous attention and therefore a significant time of experience. An exhibition presents a single installation. A visit lasts a full hour. 


The visits take place by reservation according to two experiential formulas. The self-led experience is a bubble of cohabitation with the artwork. The guided experience is a moment that sharpens attention towards the artwork. → ◇ ←


EISODE is a project created by the artists members of                       .

Capture d’écran, le 2022-03-11 à 16.43_edited.png

EISODE thanks : cabinetmaker L'ARBRE + hardware store Agences Stéphane Nault +
ceramists Nastasia Laydet (2024) + Makiko Hicher (2023) + Ariane Boulet (2022) + tea consultant Jacinthe Gauthier

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