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This project explores the poetic and performative potential of sleep as a terrain for defining identity and reinterpreting self-knowledge. Having become the apartment of a stranger-sleeper, the exhibition space embodies the ramifications of sleep by transforming itself into the image of a fragmented narrative. Visitors are invited to explore the space and reconstruct the course of an improbable night through the objects and traces of events.

This installation contains videos from a sleep documentation of Éric Forget. His body movements were captured using an infrared camera.

This project has been made possible by Canada Council for the Arts.

Thanks to NTE and Isabelle Gingras.

* The installation includes videos featuring a nude sleeper.

* A text is recited in french

Bois dormant photo titre.jpg


May 8 → June 22 2023

September 15 → October 16 2023

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