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june 06

june 16


Device conception : Jimmy Lakatos

Artistic and performative conception : Anne-Marie Boisvert

Programmation : Alexandre Burton


Néons is an immersive installation that explores light through an arrangement of fluorescent tubes forming a wall. Each tube produces a unique glow that plays with the wear and tear of time, witness to a dying technology. ​An interface is made available to the public to explore luminous variations.


Given the unstable nature of neon lights, the artwork requires constant monitoring. Each visit is therefore supervised by the artist Anne-Marie Boisvert and includes a performative introduction inspired by the relation between ​​cosmic time and light.


* The installation is presented in the Artificiel studio located on the ground floor just under the gallery.

Access the page of the event  juin génératif



An iced tea will be served!

1 hour
1 to 4 people
$12,50 and +

After a short performance by Anne-Marie Boisvert, take the time to coexist with the artwork. Use the interface provided to you to explore the light variations of neons tubes.

EVENT : juin génératif

EVENT : juin génératif

A day dedicated to generative arts!

1 to 7 pm

Performance by Fortner Anderson [generative poetry], presentation of the software created for Néons, discussion between Alexandre Burton [digital instrument maker] and Pía Baltazar [intermedia composer] on the generative contribution to the creative process, etc.



Custom activities!

We will be happy to create a mediation activity for your group: school visit, creative workshop, artist talk, etc. Contact us for information.

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